Buccaneer Lunch, Saturday, April 25, 2015

A Rambunctious and piratical event!  Thirty Rams and Ramettes were shanghaied into the Panama Café in the Buccaneer Lounge on beautiful St Andrew Bay on Saturday, April 25, 2015. The Buccaneer staff went out of their way to decorate the tables in black and gold livery and the bay view was not disappointing - even though it was overcast and blustery Too rough for amateur pirates!.  Notable attendees were Class President, Roger and his wife Marty who traveled from Tennessee to the luncheon. Tom Watts came from Tallahassee as did Hillman Brannon and his wife Lin and Sally (Ray) Huston and her shipmate Larry. Classmate Larry Marshall made his first lunch event with us - welcome Larry!   If you missed it - you can still make the one in July 2015 (the last one before the 50th Reunion celebration.

Roger and Marty Dabbs
Passing through to Mississippi to look for the Mississippi State
football team - they apparently disappeared last season.

Tom Watts
Suave, articulate, debonaire ... need we say more?

Lin and Hillman Brannon

Pat (Boykin) Campbell
"Your monkey is hanging out ..."

Larry Scachetti and Sally (Ray) Huston

Doug and Ann (Grainger) Kitts
Doug graced us with Grace today.

Anna Miskemin

Gayle (Blair) Marshall
(Still beautiful even without Tommy)

Larry Marshall
First time with us. Don't blink Larry!

Judy and Jimmy Yates
The RHS 65 spy in Dothan.

Szanne (Wheeler) Scott
Where's my husband?

Gay Bush
OK - I was on time today!

"Bullet Bob" Jernigan

Brenda McNeil and Don Bruner
One of these two is good lookin'

Bobby Hill
Always there for RHS 65

Tommy and Gayle (Blair) Marshall
Gayle is pretty even though Tommy is in the picture.

Judy (Self) Bush and Sally (Ray) Huston

Connie (Plough) Morris
Seriously thinking about joining the LFL ...

David and Susan Riley
A nicer couple was never seen.

Janell Parnell
Always great to see Janell.
Reunion Committee,
Feb 12, 2015, 9:20 AM