January 28, 2017 - The Place on Harrison

We had a good turnout of 26 Rams at the January 28th event at The Place on Harrison in downtown Panama City.  This week's event included  our first :"Show-n-Tell".  Connie (lough) Morris, Bob Jernigan and Alan Scott all brought high school mementoes and told the story behind them (see pictures below).  Pastor Doug Kitts gave us a good invocation and we remember our classmates who has recently passed, especially ♥Jerome Stafford♥ and ♥Anna Miskimen♥.

Irene (Hagans) Kott, Gay Bush, Donna (Emanuel) Pierce, Mike Pierce

Wallace Berry, Wanda Berry. Ann (Grainger) Kitts and Pastor Doug Kitts

 Pam Clanton, Mike Clanton, Jimmy Yates, Judy Yates

June (Nelson) Adams (RHS 64) and Debbie Porter

Janis (Cook) Sanders, Don Bruner, Brenda O'Neil

Eloise (Slawson) Brooks (RHS 64), Shirley (Powell) Scott,

Suzanne (Wheeler) Scott

Dale Porter

Barbara (Braley) Longest, Wanda (Corbin) Cooper,

Connie (Plough) Morris

Bobby Hill

Irene (Hagans) Kott

Shirley (Powell) Scott, Bob Jernigan and Suzanne (Wheeler) Scott

Janis (Cook) Sanders

Bob Jernigan

Barbara (Braley) Longest, Donna (Emanuel) Pierce,

Wanda (Corbin) Cooper, Irene (Hagan) Kott, Connie (Plough_ Morris 

Donna (Emanual) Pierce and husband Mike

Don Bruner, Mike Clanton, Alan Scott

Don Bruner

Janis (Cook) Sanders and Don Bruner

Brenda O'Neil

Judy Yates, Pam Clanton, Alan Scott