Luigi BG Lunch (Jan 17, 2015)

What a great gathering!ย  Almost 30 RHS 65 Rams got together for lunch at Luigi BG's and had a whale of a time.ย  First-timers were Jim and Linda Branning, Doug Kitts, Ann (Grainger) Kitts and Terry Hodges.ย  Luigi pictures are below (more will be added as received).

Scene of the Ram Crime

Sally (Ray) Huston and Ann (Grainger) Kitts

That's Bobby Hill in the background.

Suzanne (Wheeler) Scott and Janell Parnell

Hillman Brannon (probably asleep)

Don Bruner,ย  Brenda McNeil and Eddie Kelley

Jimmy Yates and wife Judy

Jim Branning and wife Linda

Vivian (Jones) Juarez

David Riley and wife Susan in background.

Doug Kitts

Gay Bush (and Eddie Kelley

Donna (Emmanuel) Pierce and husband Mike in background.

David Riley and wife Susan.

Gayle (Blair) Marshall and husband Tommy


Dickie (D.C.) Knowles

Donna (Emmanuel) Pierce and husband Mike

Ann (Grainer) Kitts and Doug Kitts

Dickie (D.C.) Knowles, Hillman and Lin Brannon

Brenda McNeil

Becky and Jim McCroan

Terry Hodges

Janis (Cook) Sanders

Alan Scott