Oct 2014 - Po Folks Dinner

We set a record for a quarterly event at the Po Folks dinner on Friday, October 10, 2014.ย  Thirty-nine (39) fired up 1965 Rams filled the room at the back of the restaurant and before one could not to hear oneself think!ย  We were pleased to have Jannell Parnell, widow of Emmett Parnell with us and she drug her sister Norma to the dinner as well.ย  Rev Franklin "Sammy" Stewart presented a great invocation and all enjoyed several hours of our lost and misspent youth.ย  We also discussed our upcoming 50th reunion to be held in October 2015 and decided our reunion shirts will be black with gold printing.ย  It was great seeing everyone ... don't miss the next one in January 2015.


Proposed design for 50th reunion T-shirt

Larry Pollock

Bobby Hill and Roger Norris

Bob Jernigan

Jannell and Norma Davis

David Riley

Robert and Kathy Peacock

Mickey Fuller and JT Pettis

Hillman Brannon

JT Pettis

Sandra (Boyd) Day

Judy Yates

Janell (Davis) Parnell

Anna Miskemin

Franklin "Sammy" Stewart

Eddie Kelley

Marcia Johnston

Wallace and Wanda Berry

Robert Peacock

Dale Porter

Roger Norris

Bobby Hill

Jimmy Yates

Vivian (Jones) Juarez

Micky Fuller

Cheryl (Buchanan) Gilroy

Alan and Suzanne (Wheeler) Scott

Wanda (Corbin) Cooper

Don Bruner and Janice (Cook) Sanders