Triple-J Lunch Pics - April 2014

Good crowd of 65 Rams at the Triple-J Steakhouse today.

We welcomed newcomers Eddie Kelley and Larry Pollock

... great to see them and hope they make it back to future events!

Consensus is to have our 50th reunion in the Fall of 2015.

We'll deconflict football schedules and Panama City major events.

More info to follow!

Next RHS65 Lunch is in July 14 ... time and place TBD.

See you there!

Pictures below ...

Don Bruner and Brenda O'Neal

Judy and Jimmy Yates,ย  Eddie Kelley

Larry Pollock and Diana (Glenn) Holmes (66)

Becky McCroan (66) and Suzanne (Wheeler) Scott

Larry and Sally (Ray) Huston

James McCroan and Bobby Hill

Eddie Kelley, Judy (Self) Bush and Connie (Plough) Morris

Judy and Jimmy Yates